Saturday, May 16, 2009


I’ve always dreamed of writing and being a successful writer. I actually started a book back in the early 1980’s when I took a semester of classes at Southeast Community College in Cumberland, Kentucky. (Those are two more projects that went unfinished…an attempt at writing a book and getting a college education.) The book was/is entitled “Mistakes of the Heart.” I got about two-and-a-half chapters finished…barely enough time to establish three main characters. I think it could be a really good book if I ever decide to pen the rest of what’s in my head.

I have a vivid imagination. I have always had one. I remember playing with cars and trucks in the sand behind a house we lived in when my dad was stationed in Denver, Colorado. I made an entire city in that two-by-two square of dirt next to the back door stoop. The two-by-two square next to the neighbor’s stoop was the rest of the world. I traveled daily going nowhere and had a blast doing it. All by my lonesome. Yes, I played with dolls, too. I remember a Tiny Tears Doll with curly auburn hair and vivid blue eyes. I remember I had her when I was just beginning to learn to write my name. I had scrawled a huge P-A-M on both arms and legs in blurry blue ink. Funny, the things you remember when you get old.

So, anyway, I had this English Professor at Southeast. She tried to encourage me to write a book. I made an “A” in her class. She must have liked my writing style. Hey…maybe there *is* something I’m good at, after all. But just how does one overcome this Attention Deficit Disorder I am apparently afflicted with? (I wear a rather copious grin at the moment.) My sister, Debbie, had her for English 101, too. Debbie was a bit put off by the fact that I had managed an “A” under Ms. Carr and she was given a “B” under her tutelage. You see, my sister is quite the type-A personality. A lowly “B” was an underachievement for her. She resented it. (That grin is back.)

When I met and married Hubby and let these aspirations roll off my tongue to him, the nag was on. For the past thirty years he has “encouraged” me to write a book. It only intensified when my professor’s opinion was revealed. He’s gotten so frustrated at times that he has threatened to write his own book just so we can say one of us did it. The problem is, he’s a lot like me. All dreams, no action. He’s always said he wanted to create a comic strip. He loves comedy. He’s one of the best one-liner guys out there. He has a great sense of humor…or “a propensity for jocularity,” as he likes to say. The only thing is, he is better at impromptu comedy. His delivery suffers mightily when he tries to be rehearsed or "formal." But he is a funny, funny guy. It’s made life with him more interesting and fun. I love him.

I got up this morning with a shoulder injury that has my left arm basically incapacitated. I can’t lift my arm without a considerable amount of pain. On a scale of one-to-ten, I’d call it a 9.5. Yeah…it hurts a lot. I guess it’s really not an injury in the true sense of the word. You see, I’ve been having issues with my joints and muscles for several years now. I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and chronic tendonitis. It makes every-day chores and activities more difficult…and sometimes down-right impossible. Today is one of those days. I was wrestling a shelf off the wall yesterday and that must have been when I hurt my shoulder. I’m really not sure what I did to it or when. I picked up a couple of semi-heavy objects yesterday. I suppose it could have been either one of them, too.

Bottom line is, after yesterday’s shoulder injury and today’s incapacitation; I have come to the conclusion that now is the time to get started on that writing project of mine and a renewed retirement plan. It doesn’t take a lot of strength to sit at the computer and type. Although it is irritating my shoulder some, so be it. I’ll type for a while and rest when I need to. At least I can go at my own pace.

My primary care physician took the giant leap and wrote a book. Now he’s got three or four out there. I got a first-edition signed copy of his first book. It’s kind of special to me now. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve got a signed copy. Doc probably spends close to 12 hours a day at his practice. If he can find time to write a book, I’ve got no excuses regarding having the time to write. All I have to do is spend a little less time watching television or playing video games. I waste a lot of time. I guess I won’t be doing that any more.

Hey, I really don’t have a lot of choice in the matter. Since Hubby and I have been terribly poor financial planners and have pretty much always lived paycheck to paycheck, this is the only retirement plan I can come up with. I guess we will be pretty much sunk if I can’t find an audience that’s interested in these random ponderings. And I figure we aren’t alone in the lack-of-prior-planning department. Who can afford to save these days, anyway? What with gasoline costing over $2.00 a gallon for regular gas and groceries going through the ceiling and job layoffs…how can folks put any money away each week? We’re too busy surviving. That’s why I’ve had to come up with a Plan B.

I’ve decided that the best type of project for me to write is just what I am doing right here. Random reflections of my own thoughts. Hubby has made comments to me in the past about how I can make friends with anyone. “You’d tell your life story to a perfect stranger in the grocery store line!” he has said to me many times. Yes, I love to talk. Maybe by using this strategy I won’t develop writer’s block. I can almost always come up with something to say. The only problem is…will it be something that people will want to read? I guess time will tell and we shall see…and any other cliché along those lines. I’ve reflected on my life and decided I’ve had some unusual experiences to relate. I’m not sure if there is enough material for a good blog, but I’m going to give it the old college try…since I didn’t give college a try. I’m hoping to be able to keep readers interested enough to keep clicking on the website until the end. Since I’m not afraid to tell everyone my life story, who knows? Maybe after this I will be a famous blogger on the internet or something…

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